Webinar 9

SA Plastic Pact journey to sustainable packaging solutions to ensure safety, quality and shelf-life

Join us for this webinar session as we discover why aseptic single-use packaging is back in ‘vogue’, how shifting trends are impacting the role packaging plays in maintaining the safety and integrity of products. It has been reported that packaging is not only becoming smarter, but more sustainable with circular economy back on top of the agenda with a spotlight on the signing of the SA Plastics Pact earlier this year to be 100% reusable, recyclable and compostable by 2025?

Proposed topic discussion:

  • What alternatives to plastic packaging is available to implement now? What are their challenges?
  • How can design help extend packaging as a whole? What technologies are gaining traction?
  • What role are On Pack Recycling Logo’s (OPRL) expected to play in driving consumer and manufacturers behavior in attaining the goals of the plastics pact
  • How are retailers and brand owners promoting the inclusion of recycled material into existing packaging and are they communicating this to consumer?