Nutritics provide nutrition, recipe, allergen, cost analysis & menu management software to businesses, to help gain new insights and unlock new opportunities from food information.

Streamline New Product Development processes, comply with regulation and provide reliable information to your customers using Nutritics. Nutritics is the only system to be accredited to Gold Standard by EuroFIR for recipe calculation methods, enabling you to produce accurate food labels, menu cycle plans and recipe specifications in just a few clicks.

Nutritics is used by thousands of forward-thinking clients in healthcare, elite sport, food services, food manufacturing, and education every day to help them make better decisions about food.

We are dedicated to making food information valuable and more accessible to all those who need it. Combining nutrition science, food law and technology, Nutritics saves you time, money and unlocks new potential for your business.

To find out how Nutritics can transform your business visit www.nutritics.com or contact Leigh-Ann at leigh-ann@nutritics.com


Infection Protection Products presents the Zonki- cloth.

Colour coding your kitchen is not only a vital part of food safety but can also make life simpler for everyone, from the chefs to the cleaning and serving staff.
Investing in a multi-coloured operating kitchen is relatively easy and inexpensive. But without proper training colour coding and HACCP has no value.

The Zonki colour coded picture cloths are a silent constant reminder to each staff member what colours are to be used where. Decreasing the threat of contamination between different foodstuffs. Using food safety colour coding in your kitchen could be key to a successful food audit and a vital step to reducing risk in your establishment.

Infinite Foods

Infinite Foods is bringing Africa best-in-class, plant-based protein brands and products being innovated around the world. Infinite is dedicated to raising the awareness of the negative health and environmental impacts of animal-based protein and working with their customers and partners to decrease dependency on animal protein.

Infinite Foods believes there is a better way to feed the planet. They are on a bold mission to deliver consumers and restaurants solutions that perfectly replace animal protein with great tasting, satisfying plant protein. Infinite is dedicated to improving human health, positively impacting climate change, conserving natural resources and respecting animal welfare.

Food & Allergy Consulting & Testing Services (FACTS)

FACTS offer members of the food and allied industries great depth and breadth of knowledge within one company. We are an authentic, multidisciplinary and connected team of experts, with medical, food science, dietetic, genetic and commercial knowledge.

Our synergy of skills allows us to offer unparalleled expertise in the analytical testing, nutritional, regulatory, advisory and educational domains and provides vital advantages to our clients.

  • Multidisciplinary Solutions
  • Consumer Assurance Services
  • Regulations & Standards Support
  • Leaders in Allergen & Species Testing & Management
  • Expert Analytical Testing & Interpretation
  • Food Fraud
  • Honey, Herb & Spice Authentication
  • Training & Facilitation.

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www.factssa.com / info@factssa.com


Exhibiting at Food Next.Africa 2019 provides the opportunity to put your brand in front of  senior food industry stakeholders. Contact us for further details:

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